Personalised Letter from Father Christmas . Personalised Letter from Santa




PLEASE NOTE DELIVERY OF LETTERS WILL NOT BEGIN UNTIL 1ST DECEMBER 2015 It’s that time of year again and it’s time to bring a smile to your loved ones. Send a personalised letters from Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Santa knows how old you are, your best friend’s/siblings name and what you have achieved this year I have 3 styles of letter – 1 for Children, 1 for older children who doubt Santa exists!! and finally 1 for older people.please supply when ordering1; childs name and if girl or boy2; achievements3; address to post to including town 4; presents5; pets6; friends or sibling namesI will then choose a few things to create your letter They are printed on luxury hammered paper with glitter finish and come in an envelope complete with North Pole postmark. I do these every year and you can’t put a price on seeing your child’s face light up when they open these letters. As it gets closer to Christmas demand for these letters get very high so please order early


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