Personalised letter from Father Christmas, magic key, sparkling reindeer food




Notes for November/December 2019. Due to the immense volume of items passing through the postal system at this time of year and despite us sending the item within 1 working day of purchase, we realise some items may arrive later than your expected arrival day. We would appreciate that you take this into account when leaving feedback, as once your item is in the postal system, the delivery date is effectively out of our control. Many thanks for your understanding. Personalised letter from Father Christmas with “Magic” key and sparkling reindeer food. A highly personalised letter from Father Christmas which includes your child’s / loved one’s name, age, gender, hometown and present they’ve asked Santa for.Printed on high quality 90gsm parchment style paper, this letter will make it’s recipient’s eyes light up. Details required are:Child’s/Recipient’s nameGender (Boy/Girl)AgeHometown (where Santa will be delivering)Present asked for/will be getting from Santa These details should be included at checkout when you make your purchase or Message Seller with details. If no details are received within 2 hours, then a refund will be issued. If only some details are sent, then the letter will be personalised accordingly. Included in this package, which is sent in a high quality, durable, cardboard backed envelope to protect the letter, is a “magic” Santa key and some sparkling magical reindeer food. Also included is a length of ribbon, of sufficient length, (colour and style may vary) enabling you to tie the ribbon around the letter rolled into a scroll for added authenticity. Attached to the magic key is a tag that reads: Santa’s Magic KeyKeep me somewhere safe, In a special place! The Sparkling reindeer food is made from edible oats and non-toxic glitter in case of any accidental consumption by children or animals; comes in a sealed, airtight bag inside an organza pull-string bag. (Bag colours may vary.) Attached to the food is a tag that reads: Just sprinkle near your home at night,the moon will make it sparkle bright,As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this food will help them find your home. The letter reads as below, the words in red show the personalisation, but will be in black and not bracketed in final letter. Dear [Child’s name], Merry Christmas! I’ve been busy checking my Naughty and Nice lists and I’m very glad to see that you have been a very good [Boy or Girl] this year and you have made it to the top of my Nice list. I’m so proud! Keep up the good work! Mrs Claus tells me that you are now [Age] years old. I can’t quite believe that it has been a whole year since I last visited you. We’ve been working hard here all year and I’m really excited to be visiting you again soon. Rudolph and the other reindeers are looking forward to visiting you in [Hometown] this year also. In fact, they have sent you some magical sparkling reindeer food so they can find your home first! So try to make sure you’re in bed nice and early! Our Chief Elf, has told me that you would really like a new [Present] for Christmas, and as you have been such a good [Boy or Girl] this year, I will do my very best to make all your Christmas wishes come true. It’s almost time for me to get back to work here at the North Pole, but, before I go, I just want to let you know that I have sent you a special, magical Santa key. Please make sure to keep it in a special place! Merry Christmas! Love, Father Christmas Please remember to send required personalisation details within 2 hours or your purchase will be refunded. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you would prefer a letter from Santa Claus, then please look at: We value our customers and their complete satisfaction and are proud to have 100% Positive Feedback.If you happen to encounter any issues after receiving your item, please contact us first so that we can resolve the issue before leaving negative feedback, thank you.


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